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The Ultimate Dry Herb Vape List – part 2

Today we brought you the second part of a dry herb vaporizers list you should know about.

Here, we are breaking down every vape, from desktop to portable, from classic to modern, from convection to conduction, with a review for you to learn about them and make your best decision. Come along!

Portable dry herb vaporizers are the most common way to consume dry herbs. To avoid inhaling harmful smoke, many smokers have converted to vaporizing. Before portable vaporizers, vaporizing was inconvenient and difficult to use outside the home.

Today’s portable dry herb vaporizers are small enough to fit in your palm and heat up in seconds. Vaporizers also generate a less offensive odor than smoke, making vaping more inconspicuous than smoking.

#12 Volcano


The Volcano was the most popular dry herb vaporizer a decade ago. The Volcano is still one of the greatest dry herb vaporizers available. The Volcano is a desktop vaporizer. The Volcano’s huge bowl produces enough vapor for at least two persons. When used properly, it generates one of the greatest vapor quality. The Volcano, like other dry herb vaporizers at this price range, employs convection to evaporate. The Volcano’s main flaws are its size, lack of mobility, and cost. If you have the cash and want a dependable home dry herb vape that produces great vapor, is enjoyable to share with others, and lasts for years, the Volcano is a great option..

#13 Dry Herb Atomizer Box Mod

Box modifications are noted for their flexibility and popularity among e-liquid consumers. Box mods usually include variable voltage for temperature control. To vape dry herbs with a box mod, you need a dry herb atomizer like the Yocan 94F. This atomizer fits any box mod with 510 threading. The SteamCloud is our most popular dry herb box addon. Because box mods weren’t built for dry herbs, they don’t provide the same effects as dry herb vapes. A 3-in-1 vape that can vape dry herbs, waxes, oils, and e-liquids by changing the atomizer is a superior alternative.

#14 AGO

The AGO dry herb vaporizer is a wonderful compact alternative for individuals searching for a cheap dry herb vaporizer with wax concentration chambers. Because the AGO uses an electrical heating element to burn your herb, it is a combustion vaporizer. Butane is not inhaled, thus it is not as healthful as a convection vape. However, most convection vapes are more expensive. The AGO is for individuals who desire a classic dry herb smoking experience with a tiny vaporizer. That means it can last all day yet is tiny enough to carry in a pocket or a pen. The AGO utilizes 710 threading, not 510. This simply means 510 vaporizers cannot interchange components. The AGO also has an LCD panel that shows battery life and puff count. This function is very handy for dry herb users. Overall, the AGO dry herb pen is a wonderful budget option for dry herbs or wax concentrates.

15# AirVape X

Airvape X
Airvape X

This portable vaporizer is the easiest to use. It is user-friendly and it helps you relax while enjoying a wonderful vaping experience. It provides a rich, well-saturated vapor.These have some of the best herb atomizers on the market, offering many amazing features for vapers. Some of the features of the vapes include:

  • Vibration alerts to stop overheating
  • Convection and Conduction heating
  • Twenty seconds of fast heating from start to the first draw
  • Battery level display
  • USB charging cable

16# Titan 2

The Titan 2 is extremely similar to the Titan 1. It’s a budget-friendly dry herb beginning vape. The Titan 2 has a stainless steel heating chamber for conduction/convection vaporization. A ceramic chamber and better vapor taste may be preferred by herb connoisseurs. The Titan 2 still produces great vapor, which can be enjoyed while on the move. The form of Titan 1 and 2 differs. The Titan 2 is rectangular and futuristic. The Titan 2 also has precise temperature control to the degree, so if you prefer to heat your dried herbs to a certain temperature, the Titan 2 is the way to go. Overall, the Titan 2 is a wonderful dry herb vaporizer for the price.


Our favorite portable dry herb vape is the E-Clipse. True vaporization is achieved via convection. The E-Clipse is 4 inches tall and 34 inch thick. This sleek vape includes a stunning OLED display that shows battery life and temperature. In addition, there are temperature controls on the screen. Its ceramic chamber creates great tasting vapor, and the glass mouthpiece adds to the smoothness. The E-Clipse also warms up rapidly and competes with many more costly dry herb vaporizers. While the E-Clipse doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of a high-end vape, it is competitively priced. The E-Clipse is a great dry herb vape for around $100 that warms up quickly and has great taste.

18# Pax 3

Pax 3 dry herb vape
Pax 3 dry herb vape

The Pax 3 is a premium vaporizer that rivals the best. It is a dual-use vape built for both dry herbs and herbal concentrates. The Pax 3 features over 60 temperature options and a 22-second heat up time. This SMART vaporizer includes vibration alerts and can be operated through the Pax smartphone app. The Pax 3 has the latest vape technology and is a must-have for vapers. It also includes a half-pack oven cover for packing smaller bowls for solitary sessions. The concentration insert also makes it easy to experience herbal concentrates like wax. A little more expensive than others, but worth every cent.

19# Pulsar APX

The Pulsar APX dry herb vape is a high-quality micro vape. The Pulsar APX is 4 inches tall and can be hidden in the palm of your hand for covert vaping. Intense taste and real convection vaporization from a ceramic chamber. This vape has a 1600 mAh battery that will provide you 1.5-2 hours of vape time. The APX has 5 heat settings and is quite simple to operate. Not only that, but it warms up in 30 seconds. The Pulsar APX offers all the features we want in a dry herb vape at a great price. Looking for a great convection dry herb vaporizer on a budget? Consider the Pulsar APX.

20# Flowermate Aura

Flowermate’s small dry herb vape pen has arrived. But sometimes a pen-style vaporizer is all we need. In a small, slender vape pen, Flowermate has crammed all of their vaporizer This remarkable pen still features two hours of vaporization duration and seven airflow jets for consistent heating. It also warms up quickly so you can start vaping.

WOW, that was a hack of a list, right?

I hope you enjoyed reading about all these precious little things and that it was helpful to narrow down your choices. Happy vaping!